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Year of JubileeYear_of_Jubilee.html

The Corner of His Cloak

Every Man to His TentEvery_Man_To_His_Tent.html

The Fabulous Feast

The Ultimate Quench !The_Utimate_Quench.html

Individual Sermons

What Kind of Father Would Adopt?What_Kind_of_Father_Would_Adopt.html

God of the Storms

A Glimpse of GodA_Glimpse_of_God.html
Go for the CloakGo_For_The_Cloak.html
The Exclusion - Inclusion ConclusionThe_Exclusion-Inclusion_Conclusion.html
Stick to It ! (Mother’s Day)Stick_To_It%21.html
Four Candles on a Hill4_Candles_on_a_Hill.html
Hosanna to the Donkey Rider !Hosanna_to_the_Donkey_Rider.html
  1. If you have heard me preach recently, you can find additional material related to the sermon by following the links below.  Each box represents a sermon series.  So find the series first and then click on the title of the sermon.

Ordinary Man, Ordinary Sin, Extraordinary God!Extraordinary_God.htmlOh,_You_Better_Watch_Out%21.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0
Bookends of ParadiseBookends_of_Paradise.html
Coping With StormsCoping_With_Storms.html

Plaguing Lessons

Plagued by LordshipPlagued_by_Lordship.html
The No Yeast FeastThe_Feast_of_Unleaven_Bread.html
So . . . Sow!So,_Sow.html
The Bloody DoorThe_Bloody_Door.html
A Three Day JourneyThe_Three_Day_Journey.html


Oh, You Better Watch OutOh,_You_Better_Watch_Out%21.html
Location, Location, LocationBethlehem.html


Not My HomeThis_is_Not_My_Home.html
Heaven for SureHeaven_4_Sure.html
Ready to GoReady_2_Go.html
Move That BusMove_That_Bus%21.html
Surviving a ShipwreckSurviving_a_Shipwreck.html

Gale Warnings

Looking For Rainbows

Storm ShelterStorm_Shelter.html