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I’m going to Heaven when I die and I want to bring as many people with me as possible!  Join me in this effort by committing a pocket to Christ.  Click on the Pocket Power Link below and join the league. 

Do me a favor and plug in my member number 287484 so that I can follow what you

                                                                        are doing and pray for you!

“I am completely
sold on the work of The Pocket Testament League, and continue to pray for those associated with it.”
     -Billy Graham
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The easiest way to share your faith! Give it a try - sign up today!

Members of the Pocket Testament League have shared more than 100 million Gospels and have forever changing millions of lives for eternity.

Join the team!

Put the Gospel of John in your pocket in the morning and pray, “Jesus, please show me who you want me to give this to today.”  Then see what God does.  It is exciting.

Join Here:http://www.pocketpower.org

Please use my member number 287484 when you join.