Men’s Ministry

Yes, I am My Brothers Keeper.


Who Are We?

The Bergen County Society is a group of men who get together twice a month on Friday morning to hear brilliant and inspiring speakers, to crack dumb jokes, and to enjoy each other's

company. We are passionately interested in seeing

meaningful relationships develop ("friendships

in Jesus") among men so that we might

become better husbands and fathers.

God is the blacksmith,

we are the iron.

Worship The King

Our chief desire is to know God and to love and serve Him.  We gather to sustain our faith and joy, to sharpen our sense of vocation, and to renew our vision of God's kingdom among us.

Right Wrong

The aim of our Society is not merely piety, but also utility. Therefore, we constantly encourage each other to good works, to avoid the easy path and seek to live God’s way. This means that our relationship with God will impact the way we do business. Thus principle comes before profit.

Speak Truth

At our meetings, we share God's word and God’s work in our world as we worship Him.  We also share ourselves: our laughter, our foibles, our dreams and our heartaches.

Live Pure

We resolve:

•To daily seek our Lord and Savior.

•To lead our families with courage and     

  be involved in our communities.

•To transcend all distinctions of rank,

  race, party or sect.

•To cloak our idealism and good works

  in humility and humor.

We meet twice a month on Friday Mornings

Things start off with a great buffet breakfast at 6:30 am.

Then we have a time of singing, humor, and announcements.

Finally we are inspired and challenged by God’s word though excellent speakers!

We are done by 8 am.

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Here is where you can find us:

so one man sharpens  another.”

Proverbs 27:17

“As iron sharpens iron

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