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Advent Devotionals:

On The Road To Bethlehem


Read Genesis 3 : 1 – 24


Genesis 2 ends with a picture of complete wholeness and contentment in God’s new creation.  Adam and Eve are happy to be together, happy to be busy with the work God gave them in the garden.  They know no pain or sickness; they have never felt worry or shame; they have never experienced a broken bone or a broken promise or a broken heart.  

The Bible doesn’t tell us how long this blissful arrangement lasted in the Garden of Eden.  Things may have gone on this way for a very long time – but in the biblical account, it doesn’t take very long at all before sin enters the narrative.  When God created Adam and Eve as bearers of His divine image, He gave them free will – the ability to choose to follow Him or go their own way.  Now Satan enters Paradise and uses this free will to lure the first couple into rebellion against their Maker. 

Did you notice the crafty mixture of truth and falsehood Satan uses in his conversation with Eve?

  1. Bullet  “Did God really say ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” -- that is an exaggeration designed to get Eve off-balance.  Questioning God or His words has never occurred to Eve before, so she responds with an exaggeration of her own, adding that they “must not even touch” the tree.    

  2. Bullet  “You will not surely die” – false; death will surely follow sin, even if not immediately.

  3. Bullet  “God knows that when you eat of the fruit, your eyes will be opened” – true

  4. Bullet  “ You will be like God” – false 

  5. Bullet  “Knowing good and evil” – true, but the “knowledge of evil” is something Eve will wish she had never gained. 

What did it feel like, to take a bite from that piece of fruit and suddenly begin feeling emotions they had never experienced before?  Instead of the pleasant satisfaction they are used to feeling when they eat God’s good fruit, they immediately feel sick.  There’s sorrow in the pit of their stomachs.  A sudden, painful cramp of regret.   Panic wells up inside them.  When they look at each other, Adam and Eve each know their partner has changed.  They have changed.   Suddenly feeling ashamed, they scramble around looking around for something to cover up with.  Here, grab a leaf from this fig tree.  It’s too small!  Well, tie a few together.  Oh, what about God?  What if He finds us standing here like this?  Quick, we have to find a place to hide!  And God does come looking for Adam and Eve.  He seeks them out in their hiding places in the garden.  And when he finds them, he lets them know their act of rebellion has not gone unnoticed.  The results of their action will be grave and far-reaching and comprehensive.   Once again, however, God’s character is revealed; no sooner has the offense been committed than God is there with a remedy.  Along with the bitter pill of God’s justice, He gives a sweet glimpse of grace to come.  The words are spoken to Satan: “He will crush your head”—but the promise is for Adam and Eve.  It is for people such as them that Jesus came. 


Adam and Eve - Part 2

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