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Bible Characters:


Read Genesis 1 : 24 – 31

Unique against the vast and beautiful backdrop of God’s creation, Adam is the first character to appear on the world’s stage.  The events of creation up to this point have been rather dramatic.  Light has erupted out of darkness in response to a word from God’s mouth.  Water has been gathered up into oceans and rivers and clouds.  All kinds of plants have sprung up, from massive pine trees that cover the mountainsides to the tiny, single-celled algae that inhabit the sea.  The sun, moon, stars and planets have been scattered across the heavens and have begun the intricate choreography of their orbits.  What an amazingly beautiful landscape God has established!  But, as if that were not enough, God goes on to add living creatures: fish, swimming in the oceans; birds, criss-crossing the sky in flight; and animals, stampeding across the plains and scampering among the rocks and creeping along the ground.  It is a good creation! 

But God isn’t finished yet.  After some careful consideration, he produces two more creatures: Adam and Eve.  Against the staggeringly huge scale of the brand-new universe, two small people living in a garden may not seem terribly significant.  But in God’s eyes, Adam and Eve are the very crown of creation, for they bear His image.  In a mysterious, miraculous way, they reflect His intelligence, His creativity, His righteousness and sovereignty.  And now God calls his creation “very good.”

Why did God do this?  Why did he create the world and everything in it – and then go on to crown mankind with His glory and honor as His imagebearers?  We will never fully grasp the answer to this question, but it does bear some pondering.  God, existing in that perfect unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is a God of community and love.  He desires to demonstrate His love and creates people for His own pleasure.   Just as any work of art reveals something of the character of the artist, so God’s creation shows us what God is like.  From the earliest moments of recorded history, God’s character has been revealed as one who gives abundantly, who provides lavishly, who loves unconditionally. 


Adam and Eve - Part 1

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